Monday, July 31, 2006

England Tour

So my summer tour around beautiful blighty has begun. I have started in the North, where my roots and parents are. Yesterday, due to extended caravanning plans on the part of my parents, I stayed with my sister and her husband who live half an hour or so away. We spent an extremely fun afternoon at Go Ape! (exclamation mark essential) in Sherwood Forest, where we swung from zip slides, climbed across rope ladders and swung out like tarzan. As you can imagine there were more than a few references to the oooooo ah ah ah sound of the legendary ape-man. This physical fun was rewarded with a delicious roast pork dinner prepared by my sister H. So, it's day 2 and I'm already being utterly spoilt, especially if you count the bacon and egg sandwich I wolfed down earlier.

It's nice to be at home, more so now I'm with my parents in the house where I grew up. I've just spent a very bittersweet couple of hours going through my old wardrobes and finding old lipsticks (was peach frost really a lip option in the early nineties?), glitter spray and some earrings in a variety of animal forms - yes I have dolphins, cats and even giraffes. It pains me to throw any of this old tat out, though I know I should.

Next step on the tour is picking up G from East Midlands Airport tomorrow morning. He enjoys coming to England for the curry, fish and chips and English practice, and he gets on well with my family so there's no problem there. After that we're going to stay with my grandma in the Nottingham area and to catch up with my cousin and her family. Later in the week we're heading further south, more on that later.

So if you'll excuse me I have to get back to Countdown, I think Carol Vorderman is going to be stumped by this numbers game.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic Blog.

Just read for the first time after beaing tipped off that one was being written by a particularly fantastic English Girl living in France that I may find familiar.

It's really good to read what you are getting up to whilst your out there rather than just hearing about it and Christmas.

The band looks fun and you sound like one very busy lady.

One day maybe we will get around to coming out and visiting you and G - hopefully soon, time and money permitting.

Looking forward to reading more.


silvia said...

Ciao cara,
since anyway you always find out if I've been reading your blog, I might just as well leave you a comment! I am glad you're having fun there in England with your family. I have no problems in imagining you behaving like a monkey in that park...just kidding of course!!! :-)
Well, enjoy the rest of your tour, see you at your return in Paris.