Monday, August 28, 2006

Convalescence - day 4

I have discovered 24 - the series with Kiefer Sutherland which takes place over 24 hours. I've watched from 12am to 4am already and I'm completely addicted.

G's parents are coming for dinner tonight so in between episodes I've made a lasagne and now I'm going to pop out to Monoprix and pick up some flour to make a Victoria Sponge. I thought I'd avoid trying to cook French food since I'm trying to impress!

I'm delighted to say that given the chilly weather we're being subjected to in Paris at the moment, there are no mosquitoes darkening my door. I'm bite-free, but unfortunately not quite pain-free yet. The cuts from my op are still hurting a bit and it's worse when I walk, so no métro for this week. I think it must be the very first week that I've lived in Paris that I haven't taken the smelly underground. No bad thing really. I prefer Kiefer Sutherland to dodgy métro men any day.

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Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to know C&D bought me a wine guide for my birthday (thanks for the card)- None other than Oz Clarke has reviewed L Michel & Fils! Guess what? They are three star rated - the best! (I know you won't be surprised) "Exceptional world-class wine/producer" "Prime exponent of unoaked Chablis. "...wonderfully fresh and mineral, and they age triumphantly" Remind you of anyone ? Thought not - hope this brightens up your convalescence, best wishes for a speedy recovery MLJCNxxx