Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Swing

Really back into the swing of things now in Paris, but more news from Cuba very soon, watch this space.

Can't believe I have gone from 29° and sunshine to -1° and snow in the space of a week. Some adjustment is needed.


Lola said...

Hi Bab,
Greetings from good old Hong Kong. Hope you are OK. How does it feel to be the big 30???? Does this now mean you are a suave and sophisticatd lady? Off to Macau this weekend but will try to give you at least a quick call from my mobile. Lots of Love L xx

Silvia said...

Ciao bella,
ooooh, how well I can understand you!! Passing from the Cuban sunshine to the Parisian ice was quite shocking for me too, but even more shocking is to come back to the usual working routine after having lived all those adventures in that fantastic island. Go on with the stories of the vacation, i need to read some Cuba tales while geeking off on my computer.
Bacioni & kisses to Lola too.