Monday, April 09, 2007

Baby Chloe

Bang on time as always, my sister gave birth to a gorgeous healthy little bundle of love this morning at 9am - right on her due date.

Chloe Louise was born this morning and she's doing very well. As far as I know they can leave the hospital this evening and so my sister won't have to be in hospital overnight. She went in at 4am this morning and should be home pretty soon. Chloe is really gorgeous and very placid - for the moment she hasn't cried very much, she just sleeps and looks around a little. I'm certain there is more action to come, but for the moment she's extremely happy and calm.

We were only allowed an hour of visiting today because of the hospital rules and because my sister is exhausted, but we'll go over tomorrow at some point and try to help out with cooking or something. I'm a very proud auntie!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Auntie R - that's your first little neice just waiting to be spoilt! Enjoy. Lots of love to all MLJCNxx

Crim said...

Congrats to Auntie R and Ungle G.

Love to both

C & D

Anonymous said...

Congratulazioni, alla mamma e alla zia!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS BAB!! Hope Maman and Bebe are doing well
L xx