Sunday, March 01, 2009

25 Things

The lovely Lola recently posted her "25 things" from Facebook, a list of sometimes lesser known facts about herself. This has been doing the rounds on the world's favourite internet community site, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon as usual and post mine too:

1. I love changing my hair, sometimes curly, sometimes straight. I always get bored with whatever style I keep for too long. It's naturally straight.

2. I hate pets, and dogs in particular. Even 'nice' dogs, yes, even your nice dog.

3. I live a double life - in a renovated pigeon loft in Chablis and a flat in Paris, half the week in one place half the week in the other. No, I haven't moved to Chablis forever yet.

4. My man makes the best wine on the planet.

5. Last year I visited 6 different countries.

6. I try to be ecological at home, but sometimes it doesn't make any difference (see n°5).

7. As I grow up, I'm trying to calm down and do less.

8. I have sung weekly in some sort of geeky choir for the last 21 years of my life.

9. I sang in a rock band for 3 years.

10. I have never, ever, considered myself as a 'cool' person. Quite the opposite.

11. The credit crunch is starting to hit me.

12. I want to have two or three children, one day.

13. I'm scared of balloons, especially a children + dog balloon scenario. Worst nightmare.

14. I'm far too sensitive and get upset about things I have no control over.

15. I hardly ever do email chain forwards or quizzes like this, but here's an exception.

16. I cry easily (adverts, national anthems, people winning races, young children reading, babies smiling, professional problems, singing songs)

17. I think about the future on a daily, if not hourly basis and project myself 5, 10 years into the future. I've always done it, it never works out like you think it will, and it's absolutely useless.

18. I have extended eyelashes thanks to a wonderful spa in Hong Kong.

19. I am practically bilingual in French but still can't remember what is 'le' and what is 'la'.

20. I cry with laughter at Bill Bryson, Stephen Fry and Victoria Wood.

21. I hate paperwork and procedures with a great passion, and love teaching with an equally great passion.

22. I am a qualified SCUBA diver.

23. My favourite food is truffle, the mushroom kind, but I can't afford to eat it more than a couple of times a year.

24. I played the violin and saxophone at school, with great gusto, but now can't tell one end of an instrument from the other.

25. I can't go for a day without checking my Facebook page.

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