Sunday, April 02, 2006

Detox Diary - all done!

Finally on Thursday night I abandoned my detox. Not because I wasn't enjoying its benefits but because a good friend from university and his wife came to visit G and I in Paris. So, now I'm back to cooking delightful things with meat, dairy, wheat and alcohol, all the sins I was previously denying myself; and yes, it's fantastic.

No more springing out of bed and dashing to the pool at 8.30am at the weekend, but I very much enjoyed the oysters, magret de canard with mushroom risotto and concerto au chocolat I had with G and our friends at Les Grands Marches in Bastille yesterday evening. Balance is very important in life, isn't it?

Today we had planned to go to Versailles but I'm not sure we will because I'm looking out of the window right now and there seems to be a tropical storm right outside my Vincennes window. Are we in France or Brazil? The French have a wonderful expression which is les giboulets de mars, which is roughly the equivalent of April showers. I suppose everything has to be different for the French!

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