Sunday, March 26, 2006

Detox Diary - day 9

I went out for dinner last night to a Japanese sushi restaurant and was a little nervous about keeping to my detox regime because I really love soy sauce with sushi and as it's extremely salted, it's not allowed. Anyway, the fish tasted so fresh and melted so deliciously in the mouth that I really didn't need any sauce. Wasabi and ginger are so tasty anyway I didn't need anything more. With a portion of rice, soup and salad all washed down with thé glacé (iced tea but not from a can) I was stuffed and really happy I'd managed to keep to my programme.

This morning I sprung out of bed with tons of energy and felt so motivated to exercise that I jogged down the street to the piscine Hector Berlioz and did 40 lengths of the pool. I'd bought a new swimming cap in the Neuilly pool on Friday along with goggles and a nose clip and was very excited about trying them out. I felt like a professional swimmer but then soon realised that grannies were overtaking me, sporty guys in tiny speedos were actually swimming underneath me to overtake both me and the grannies and so I felt a little less proud of myself!

Voices had a concert this afternoon so I had to jet back out to Neuilly and prepare for a 3.30pm performance. This evening I'm feeling exhausted and not quite so smug about my boundless energy as I was this morning.

It's time like this that I miss Horlicks!

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