Friday, March 17, 2006

A Concerted Effort

There were 100 people in the audience, 40 of us on the stage, 5 guys behind cameras and one lady conducting. It was a real effort to hear ourselves because of the modern acoustics - absolutely no reverb or echo at all. Funnily enough, we'd chosen this concert to record our very first DVD. The heat of the lights made the whole thing more difficult, especially when two of the girls fainted during the concert. I thought people only did that in Jane Austen books and errr, during the summer!

Voices International concerts are always great by the end, but this time I was left wondering if we rely too much on the ancient echos of churches with their kindness in hiding wrong notes. Today's 20th Century conservatoire showed all our flaws and it will be immortalised forever on film. Something to learn from I suppose.

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