Friday, March 24, 2006

Detox Diary - day 7

So, it's been a week of Jane and her crazy detox ideas, but I'm actually feeling pretty great. I went swimming today and yesterday and have never before managed sport on consecutive days. *small pat on back* I actually did 35 lengths at the pool in Neuilly yesterday and 40 today, which I was extremely pleased about. My belly is less rounded and more flat than curvy now, these are definitely the results I wanted.

I am however getting a little bit tired of brown rice. I've eaten a portion of it every day since the beginning, and it's a little, well, fibrous, let's say. Plus you can only get Uncle Ben's brown rice in Monoprix and I think Jane meant for detoxers to go for organic rice. Not sure that exists, but still...

Other than singing in Voices and Mumblers, and doing the detox I haven't really been out this week. No alcohol is one of the most difficult rules to stick to (no coffee after lunch either) and so I've decided to stay out of bars until the end of the detox. Probably best not to dangle temptation in front of my eyes.

Quite a busy weekend coming up, I'm starting to sing with a jazz trio on Saturday then there's another concert at St Jean Baptiste Church in Neuilly Sur Seine on Sunday to support Retina, the charity for the visually impaired.

Right, time for an infusion I think. Who's for mint and who's for camomile?

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Agapantha said...

keep up the good work on the detox and thanks for the comment to me regarding "Line of Beauty!" I am jealous that you are in Paris... would love to work there some day.