Monday, March 20, 2006

Detox Diary - day 3

I've decided to clean up my body and get in shape. I'm fine at the moment, but I want to try a programme that a friend recommended to me. It's a book called Detox Yourself by Jane Scrivner. The programme is based on cleaning out the digestive system (using anything from brown rice to colonic irrigation...) and giving you more energy. Plus I've heard it makes you good with numbers - well it worked for Carol Vorderman. So I'm doing Jane's detox and very much looking forward to healthy skin, flat stomach and blonde hair - well I'm sure at least two of those are possible.

I have decided to do this because :

1. A person's alcohol consumption should not outweigh their fruit juice consumption
2. Nobody loves a spotty thirty-year-old
3. Nobody's face should be allowed to have wrinkles AND spots - it should be one or the other
4. Walking up 2 flights of stairs is not a good reason to feel smug and does not constitute exercise
5. The potato has never nor will ever be a green vegetable

So, in fact today is day three, I started on Saturday with a breakfast of sheep's yoghurt, apples and grapes, then brown rice, courgettes and broccolli for lunch and mackerel and red beans for dinner. I tried to follow Jane's advice and drink 3 litres of water but I'm not sure I made it today. You're supposed to have two kidney tonics, two liver tonics and a varying degree of exercise between 30 minutes and an hour (not so hot on that one yet) every day.

On Sunday I did better, I ate more beans, nuts and pulses than I've ever eaten before and wish to again. I think I should focus on balancing the detox rather than pigging out on the filling stuff.

How am I feeling?
I'm feeling pretty good today after three days of total detox. Exercise was better today, I ran up to the 7th floor (from the ground) and back down then I ran instead of walking around Paris and in the metro. I'm not sure that counts, but it made me short of breath so I'm thinking it does. I'm going to try to push harder in the next few days.

Tomorrow should be easier because I have my band rehearsal and I can dance for 2 hours.

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