Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A little bit lonely

It's been 4 days now since G has been skiing, and I'm really starting to miss him. It's strange how I thought I'd be making the most of the time alone and revelling in the extra bed-space, but in fact I don't particularly enjoy not speaking to anyone until I arrive at the office.

In Paris today the sun has been shining, there's a nip in the air but it's gorgeous weather. I can just imagine G swishing down the slopes without a thought for when the next m├ętro will arrive. Still, he deserves a holiday.

I had band practice tonight which was really great fun actually. We're rehearsing for a wedding in July. Cheesy disco is the theme of the set really, from ABBA to Beegees (not a great distance) and from Dixie Chicks to Beatles (that's a little further). There's nothing like ending the day with a good sing into a mic.

Tomorrow night's musical selection will be of a higher quality, Jools Holland is coming to Paris and I'm very much looking forward to hearing his tinkling ivories. He's performing with a couple of special guests, one of whom is Sam Brown (of 'Stop' fame) so that little line-up seems to be promising.

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